Video-On-Demand and Live Streaming

Using modern transcoders deployed within a cloud-based infrastructure (IaaS) and the use of a global Content Distribution Network (CDN) for low latency access and quick seamless playback of video content, we are able to build sophisticated over-the-top platforms either as stand-alone or integrated into your company website.

Traditional pay television is fast becoming a thing of the past and autonomy is now the new norm where people can set their own schedules and the time and place where they can enjoy their favorite content.

Preview: Video On Demand • Live Streaming / Linear Broadcast

Mobile Friendly / Interactive Web Design

Get your website mobile-ready with a responsive design for smartphones, tablets and many more internet enabled devices to open up your world to the multitude of mobile users out there.

We'll maximise conversions and boost customer interest with an engaging interactive web design focusing on User Experience (UX) and user friendliness.

What's the benefit of all this? It is as forward thinking as you can get with a website, and it's what we do! Contact us today for a quote...



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Web Development

Intelligent web development means you'll get a CMS that works your way - whether a bespoke system built to your system specifications and requirements, or a tailored WordPress system, every project we do is tailor-made and unique.

With intelligently crafted semantic markup, you can use this modern system of document annotation to market your content to your target audiences. By building meaning into all your singular pieces of content you are able to improve the chances of your target audience discovering your content.

For ecommerce we develop order fulfillment systems as they should be - A streamlined shopping experience from browsing products to a quick, sophisticated checkout process. All done properly - No confused / unhappy customers turned away.

Seamless integration with web services and systems - Have complete control of how your website and data interacts with, and is shared on, social media. Contact us today for a quote...

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