Social-IT-e Media is a Fresh, Creative and Forward Thinking Web Design and Development Agency building video-on-demand and live streaming platforms that help deliver a state of the art, cutting-edge, web application.

Hot off the production line

Highlights of some of our adaptive streaming video-on-demand and multi bitrate live streaming integrated web platforms

Jerusalem MERIT

United Kingdom

TBN Polska

Television Channel
GdaƄsk, Poland


Television Channel
London, United Kingdom

TBN in Africa

Television Channel
DStv Channel 343

Looking for a custom over-the-top solution?

Typical Project Workflow

Planning and Information Architecture

1This is where we get to know each other better and get to understand your requirements, determine the functional specifications, and start planning. Once we understand everything, we'll draft a proposal detailing our findings, your requirements, the system specifications, and our recommendations.

Front-end & User Experience (UX) Design

2This is where we get creative and work on the look-and-feel of the integrated website. The website would be designed "Responsive" meaning it will respond and adapt to a browser / device width, making it accessible on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices. In addition, we create a storyboard depicting the look-and-feel of each primary page.

Database Design & Programming

3This is where we get clever and construct a fully functional website framework that integrates the front-end templates with the dynamic content in the database, as well as construct a custom (bespoke) content management system (CMS) tailored to the functional specifications that allows the user the ability to edit information on the website as and when needed.

Testing & Bug Fixing

4This is the part where you are wowed as we introduce you to the working end product. The system is fully tested at this point and we take you through the various components and iron out any bugs. We would also discuss social media strategies to be followed when the site is launched.

Website Launch

5And finally everyone is wowed as your new integrated over-the-top masterpiece is launched. We work with you to implement a content ingestion & video encoding workflow, as well as a social media strategy. We'll submit the website to search engines for indexing.


6To keep up with changing trends and technology we recommend on-going maintenance and updates. This is not a costly process as minor changes only need be implemented every year or two. A major re-design is recommended every four years to keep your site up-to-date and cutting edge in this fast paced industry.

What our clients say

  • Again I can not thank you enough for the outstanding work. You have done in weeks what many could not do in years. I truly appreciate everything.
    Anita, iEcoAfrica
  • We are over the moon! Our website is so user friendly and the CMS is quite frankly: Easy! Thank you so much, it's going to be a pleasure updating the website as we go along.
    Naidene, Profile Personnel
  • Very happy with my new site. It's perfect, nice and clean and simple!
    Malcolm McLoughlin
  • Excellent Bruce. Congrats on a site well done!!! I must say that it is the most spectacular site I have seen :)
    Justin, Sibuya Game Reserve

Our clients

Tesco Mobile Ireland
TBN in Africa
Profile Personnel
Jacaranda FM
ANCA Foods